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Il Marmista
From Staminalstone's archives

Aldo Scarzella - Il Marmista
Milano, Hoepli, 1923

The purpose of this interesting work was to train marble cutters in the early 20th century.
It is a very practical book, which provides detailed guidance about the tools and materials that were used in the marble workers' shops.
This handbook provides a broad historical overview of the area around Carrara as a treasure trove of marble quarries as well as a major marble marketplace and the place that concentrated all geological expertise about the Apuan Alps. In addition, this book extensively deals with architectural projects and marble cutting and polishing techniques.
Finally, it describes some of the most common types of marble and their commercial value in the Twenties.

Download the complete e-book in PDF (30,8 MB)
The Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este and the Betogli quarries.
Ancient techniques of cutting.
The quarry of Poggio Silvestre provides materials for the construction of major projects in Europe.
The construction of Marble Railway is ended.
The tall ships which transported the marble.
From Staminalstone's archives "Il Marmista" by Aldo Scarzella.
Staminalstone begins its history
Aldo Vanelli
buys the quarry 67 Zona Mossa.
Staminalstone acquires the quarry 66 Poggio Silvestre.
Staminalstone marbles are used in luxury and design applications.
Inauguration of Staminalstone China headquarter in Xiamen.
Marble from Staminalstone quarries is used for the construction of Stone Gate.