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STONE GATE, the circle is complete: Lithos Design and Staminalstone defy the law of gravity

Stone Gate is an innovative and ambitious project carried out by Lithos Design and Staminalstone which experiencing new architectural aspects of stone.
Stone Gate, projected by the designer Raffaello Galiotto, is a large marble ring 3.80 m high and 1.20 m deep, which can be crossed and walked on, designed according to its weight.
The essential laws of physics are exploited to build a unique work that will be showed in the exhibition "100% Gravity" that will be held on Marmomacc in Verona 26 to 29 September. Marmomacc is the most important exhibition in the world dedicated to marble, granite, machinery, processing technology and design, a prestigious showcase for an exclusive project with a strong visual and emotional impact.
The stone chosen for the construction of the Stone Gate is Bardiglio nuvolato marble, whose subtle gray-white veining are emphasized by the ornamental 3-D texture designed on the exterior side of the structure.
With the Stone Gate Staminalstone marble finds a surprising new form, the perfect circle.