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Stone Gate, the perfect balance between stone, art and force of gravity on display at Marmomacc 2012

A large circle of standing stones: Stone Gate was the absolute star of the exhibition "100% Gravity" which took place during Marmomacc 2012.
The exhibition theme was the massive application of stone materials in dry construction systems that exploit gravity as a compositional principle.

Lithos Design and Staminalstone showed an opera designed by Raffaello Galiotto, a complete circle made with dry-laid hewn stones, each one weighing 5 quintals, bound together in a self-supporting structure only through compression. Stone Gate dimensions are impressive: 3.80 meters high and 1.20 meters deep with a total weight of 27.30 kg and a volume of 6.5 m3.

The huge stone circle that stands in perfect balance on its weight has attracted visitors who have defied the force of gravity going through the structure, standing up in the middle and comparing its size with the dimensions of the perfect form.
The natural stone chosen for the construction, Staminalstone’s Bardiglio nuvolato marble, is emphasized by the ornamental 3-D texture designed on the exterior side of the structure.

Stone Gate is an Italian project, a collaboration between Lithos Design and Staminalstone two companies that use the stones in innovative and design applications.