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in Carrara since 1936
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Carrara Marble Weeks 2013: on display the indissoluble bond between Staminalstone, the marble and the city.

Carrara Marble Weeks 2013 animates the historical city center of Carrara from 28th june to 4th august, with exhibitions,meetings, installations and debates dedicated to marble.

The event, organized by the Municipality of Carrara in collaboration with CarraraFiere, aims to highlight the importance of marble in the social, economic and cultural life of the city to attract quality tourism art lover.

The streets and squares of the historical city center become an open-air museum where are exhibited artistic works made with noble marble from quarries on the Apuan Alps.

Staminalstone participates in the event exposing "Buky", "Carpet" and "Ciotolo" bike racks in Bardiglio nuvolato, Calacata vaticano and Paonazzo marble designed by Roberto Giacomucci.

Stone art design projected as street furniture that enhance the robustness, versatility and beauty of marble shaped to express the artist's creativity.

The Staminalstone bicycle racks are located in via del Mercato e in piazza D'armi.