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Stone Gate and the Verona Arena, stone masterpieces side by side for "Marmomacc & the City" 2013

Stone Gate was exposed in front of the Verona Arena from 25th September to 29th October 2013 during "Marble & the City", an initiative that turns the historic center of the city into an open-air museum on the occasion of the important stone industry fair which takes place every year in Verona.

After the success of its presentation during the 2012 edition, the big self-supporting complete circle designed by Raffaello Galiotto and built by Lithos Design in Staminalstone bardiglio nuvolato marble, was again a Marmomacc protagonist.

The Verona Arena, one of the best preserved stone monuments from the Roman era, with its rows of arches, recalls the circular shape of Stone Gate and offered passers-by the opportunity to make an immediate comparison on the development of virtuous use of marble over the centuries.

Stone Gate, with its impressive size and its self-supporting structure consisting of dry-laid hewn stones bound together thanks to the sole force of compression, attracted attention and curiosity of passers-by.

The beautiful setting of the Verona Arena created a magical and striking atmosphere to approach the work and to interact with it, going beyond, entering in and experiencing the hearing of the own voice within it.