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in Carrara since 1936
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Staminal stone mixes technological skills and passion to make its part in the job of building architectural pieces of work.
We operate this way since 1936, in Carrara (Italy) extracting white marble from quarries owned on Apuan Alps, and taking it everywhere in the world. In 2010 it has marketed about 30.000 tons of Apuane's marble.
It acts as an international supplier of marble, offering also specific consulting service and technical support. Staminalstone's products, due to their typologies and quality, are highly regarded in the construction field, to build monuments, and in luxury, art and design applications.
Marble is a raw material for mankind and, indeed, a finished product for nature. Staminalstone exploits the peculiarities and the uniqueness of the stone to enhance the value of the works made with it.
Staminalstone has chosen to work its quarries marble (blocks and slabs) also in China, to give you the easiest and best service possible.
The supervision of the entire process is constant and accurate, taking a hard look at every detail, to maintain and honor the high italian quality that Staminalstone is proud to offer to customers, in order to provide a top service at all levels.

The Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este and the Betogli quarries.
Ancient techniques of cutting.
The quarry of Poggio Silvestre provides materials for the construction of major projects in Europe.
The construction of Marble Railway is ended.
The tall ships which transported the marble.
From Staminalstone's archives "Il Marmista" by Aldo Scarzella.
Staminalstone begins its history
Aldo Vanelli
buys the quarry 67 Zona Mossa.
Staminalstone acquires the quarry 66 Poggio Silvestre.
Staminalstone marbles are used in luxury and design applications.
Inauguration of Staminalstone China headquarter in Xiamen.
Marble from Staminalstone quarries is used for the construction of Stone Gate.