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in Carrara since 1936
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Staminality in our roots

In our home town, Carrara, they say that the owners of the Betogli quarries, where there's the statuary marble, share one single progenitor: a quarryman born in the small town of Torano who received them as a gift in 1818 from his lover: the Duchess Maria Beatrice D'Este.

Maybe there's something true, since until some decades ago, most of the quarry owners in that place bore the same last name of our grandfather. What's sure is that our grandfather Aldo Vanelli, dubbed "Settecervelli" (seven brains), in the Sixties bought the quarry Zona Mossa in the field of Betogli; and close to that place in 2005 our family purchased the quarry called Poggio Silvestre.

You can see how the story of our quarries is also the story of our family, since when the marble was being brought down manually and bricks of green soap were gathered at home to be used for marble transportation, until the first mechanical digger or diamond wire were acquired, when the neglect of the helical wire ended the ancient way of processing the marble.

Our roots are in those places and stories, the strong connection with quarries and marble has been passed on from one generation to another.

And so, in 2008, our family decided to make another step forward, establishing Staminalstone, born from the will to develop the artistic and creative sides of marble, collaborating with the design and the architecture worlds.

In fact, the relationship with marble has always been defined by the presence of two elements as diverse as integrated: the physicality of the extraction process and the intensity of the feelings that the final work can give.

To the physical effort of the quarryman who extracts the block, it has to be added the creative process made by Staminalstone, which transforms the stone into something completely new, with a typical identity value enriched by an emotional contribution, which makes it unique, differentiated and specifically recognizable.
It is from this new course that the concept of staminality comes to life.

Aldo, Antonella and Stefano Guadagni

The Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este and the Betogli quarries.
Ancient techniques of cutting.
The quarry of Poggio Silvestre provides materials for the construction of major projects in Europe.
The construction of Marble Railway is ended.
The tall ships which transported the marble.
From Staminalstone's archives "Il Marmista" by Aldo Scarzella.
Staminalstone begins its history
Aldo Vanelli
buys the quarry 67 Zona Mossa.
Staminalstone acquires the quarry 66 Poggio Silvestre.
Staminalstone marbles are used in luxury and design applications.
Inauguration of Staminalstone China headquarter in Xiamen.
Marble from Staminalstone quarries is used for the construction of Stone Gate.