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in Carrara since 1936
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Impromptu Sculpture
Along the footpaths in the Apuan Alps are a number of small sculptures worked directly in the rock walls by hands as skilled as they are anonymous. What is special about this open-air gallery is the delicacy of the works, their expressive simplicity and the strength which flows from them.
The photograph shows one: a bird emerging from the rock and taking flight. The creature takes shape and leaves the rock from which it is formed and in which it was encased. An example of an unfinished work (the legs are still fused into the marble), of the creativity of the stone (this wall could have encased any shape, could have released any type of creature) and of the identity finally established (nature did not create the stone to make it into a bird, but that is what it has finally become).
By analogy with improvised poetry or music, this art form could be described as impromptu sculpture: produced extemporaneously, of the moment, without design, improvised, the result of a strong creative impulse.
A story can be woven around this type of sculpture and this bird in particular (it is important to locate it precisely in order to understand the environmental context): the story of marble which draws the chisel towards it, which asks to be transformed into something, to be given life by human hands; the story of an artist (or a thousand artists) of unknown name speaking through the transformation of the stone, distributing works throughout the mountains, leaving the marble where it originated in complete compliance with the will of nature.
The Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este and the Betogli quarries.
Ancient techniques of cutting.
The quarry of Poggio Silvestre provides materials for the construction of major projects in Europe.
The construction of Marble Railway is ended.
The tall ships which transported the marble.
From Staminalstone's archives "Il Marmista" by Aldo Scarzella.
Staminalstone begins its history
Aldo Vanelli
buys the quarry 67 Zona Mossa.
Staminalstone acquires the quarry 66 Poggio Silvestre.
Staminalstone marbles are used in luxury and design applications.
Inauguration of Staminalstone China headquarter in Xiamen.
Marble from Staminalstone quarries is used for the construction of Stone Gate.